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The "Handwörterbuch der musikalischen Terminologie (HmT)"  (Concise Dictionary of Musical Terminology) is presented in an open beta version with a full text search so far. The search within the HmT is also already included in the meta search of the ViFaMusik website. All of the articles have gone through a complex workflow of scanning and OCR recognition. The innovative and special form of presentation allows the user in the first place to search all of the articles with just one query. Furthermore, one can easily browse within the articles, and the software recognizes frequently found terms like places, people and even nouns. The terms the user has searched for are marked in colour in the full page view. Every page displays a persistent, page-precise link and enables the scientist to cite it in publications.

Beyond the full text search, finding, and filtering, in the full page view the user will find even more information. In the colum on the left hand side one will get a complete list of music literature books cited on the current page that have been published before 1900. If they are digitally available on the world wide web the user will find a direct link. Any additional hint is welcome to the ViFaMusik family. You can find contact information on the „About us“ website.

The HmT was established in 1972 under the authority of the Academy of Sciences and Literature Mainz by Hans Heinrich Eggebrecht, followed by Albrecht Riethmüller. Markus Bandur was the editorial director. The HmT, a finished project since 2007, consists of six volumes in total, all of them published at the Steiner Verlag in Stuttgart, which has generously granted the permission to publish this online version. This reference book discusses the origin and meaning of German speaking musical terms and their historical character and development, and is of crucial importance to musicologists. Hitherto, the HmT was merely available in the presentation form of loose sheets and one could use it only in reading rooms of libraries.

Link to the HmT:

The University of Music and Theatre in Leipzig offers a browsing facility for all HmT-articles in their MT-catalogue.

A new digital collection of the Munich Digitization Center offers the possibility to download and print the HmT articles for private and scientific purposes.