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You are currently browsing on the webpages of the document server of the Virtual Library of Musicology.

Here you will track musicological and ethnomusicological publications, such as monographs and articles, all for free. We do not only present digitized material but also born digital documents – publications that were not intended for print but for online presentation from the start. This server is work-in-progress and will be updated regularly.

Handling Instructions


Are you interested in digitizing your books?

If you are interested in a web presentation of your typewritten thesis, your university lecturing qualification book (Habilitation), or your excellent thesis intended to publish online: please contact us!


Theses and postdoctoral qualification theses
The core elements of the document server are at the beginning musicological and ethnomusicological theses and postdoctoral qualification theses in the public domain written in German. In the future, we plan to publish also typewritten theses existing only in few copies worldwide. This is crucial because in 20th century in Germany authors did at times not have to publish their thesis in a notable amount.

Congress reports and conference books
We also present congress reports and conference books on this document server:

  • born digital conference book „Musikwissenschaft im Digitalen Zeitalter, Göttingen 2012“ (Musicology in the Digital Era, Göttingen 2012), edited by Judith I. Haug, published 2013.
  • Music Encoding Conference Proceedings 2013 and 2014
  • „Berichte aus dem ICTM-Nationalkomitee Deutschland“ (Reports of the German national committee of ICTM), edited by Marianne Bröcker and published in Bamberg 1992-2004